Artistic GymnasticsLaura Traats


Silver and bronze medal from the World Championship Pesaro 2017 Bronze medal from the World Championship Sofia 2018 World title on 2018 European title 2018 Bronze medal from the European Championship 2018 Silver and bronze medal from the World Championship 2019 2 silver 1 bronze medal from the European Games in Minsk 2019 "Team of the Year" in Bulgaria 2017,2018,2019

Do you have any other passion besides the sport you practice?

At the moment I am mainly focused on our training and preparation, and I like to spend my free time with my closest people. I am passionate about metaphysics and everything related to it is interesting to me.

More about Laura:

I think that every high-level athlete has difficult moments when he has to overcome his own struggles, even when he wants to throw everything away. Then he would remember everything he went through, you see his goal closer and closer, and in my case the team, the girls who are always by your side. In these moments, we hold each other and even our eyes are enough motivation, to move forward.