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About FitSpo

FITSPO is a Bulgarian Company, producer and trader of high quality functional foods - high-protein bars, flapjack bars, KETO bars, Whey protein powder and raw vegan pralines made of 100% natural ingredients. 

Inspired by our love about sports, 13 years ago we created FitSpo products for everyone who strives not only to have active and healthy life, but also to consume delicious and high quality food.

We have been through a lot of changes and faced a lot of challenges but we never made a compromise with the high quality and unique taste of our products. We also succeeded to keep the love for sports in the core of our brand. Therefore today FitSpo is so much more than a brand for functional foods, FitSpo is a symbol of passion, strength and willpower to go beyond what you believe you can do in order to achieve your goals.


If you would like to distribute our products on your market, please contact us for more details.