FitSpo is an official partner of Lion Heart Club

July 11, 2021

ФитСпо официален партньор на клуб Лъвско Сърце

We are happy to announce that after a successful five-year partnership with Lion's Heart in 2021, we are continuing our work together by joining forces with the RiceUp! brand and becoming the main partners and general sponsors of the newly established Lion's Heart Sports Club.
6 years ago, when the first Lion Heart race was organized, 40 people stood at the start. In 2021, there are over 1,000 athletes registered for both the Lion Heart Ultra Cross Triathlon and the Lion Heart Utopia Cross Triathlon.
We are delighted to support the Lion Heart team as we share a common love of sport and desire for an active and healthy lifestyle. We are also connected by a common mission - to support and develop triathlon in Bulgaria and to enable the club's athletes to participate in international triathlon competitions. We are delighted that the Lionheart team, who have always strived to offer the highest quality and healthiest products at the support points of competitions to fully cover the needs of athletes in competition mode, have placed their trust in us.
Plans for the future and joint activities include the organization of various activities in the field of triathlon such as open training sessions for non-professional athletes, discussions on the topics of triathlon, proper nutrition in sports mode and during training, and other small events to support the development of the sport in our country.
More information about the two upcoming events can be found on the Lion Heart website - Lion Heart Ultra Cross Triathlon