Anastasia Balaban is the winner of the first FitSpo "Believe You Can" Award

July 30, 2021

Анастасия Балабан е носителка на първата награда

The 10th anniversary edition of the show "Night of the Stars", organized by the Encho Keryazov Foundation in support of talented Bulgarian children, was held at the Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv on July 28.

With an impressive ceremony the talents of the decade were voted and awarded in three categories - Education, Sport and Art. Some of the best artists in the world took part in the performance, and President Rumen Radev was a special guest.
FitSpo has been a partner of the Encho Keryazov Foundation for the past 10 years and in appreciation the Foundation has given us the opportunity to establish our own award.
The award is called "Believe You Can" and will be presented each year to one of the nominees in the Sports category.
The first "Believe You Can" award was deservedly won by Anastasia Balaban, the Odessa-born national judo athlete who is now a medal winner for Bulgaria.

We wish much success to Anastasia Balaban and thank the Encho Keriazov Foundation for the long and fruitful partnership that enables us to support young Bulgarian talents in the field of sport together.